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We manufacture equipment and machine parts for various floating structures, which include, among others ships, yachts, etc. In addition, we process steel and repair yachts - we are able to arrive directly at the place of the incident. Our offer also includes machining and precise cutting of steel. In our work we use an ecological water cutting technique. Interestingly, we have a lot of experience in accurate metalworking, which is why we also manufacture balustrades for buildings. Below we present our full offer. 

Precyzyjne cięcie wodą

Precise water-cutting

We use high pressured water to cut various materials, e.g. steel, glass or plastic.



We produce aluminum balustrades that are durable, functional and aesthetic. Among many others, we produce e.g. balcony balustrades, roofs,…

Obróbka skrawaniem,  gięcie rur

Machining, pipe bending

We cut and process steel components for the production of yachts and ships. We weld pipes and stainless steel.

Hydraulika jachtowa


We invite anyone, who is interested in parts for floating structures or has a question for us, to contact us directly!